KUZYAKU member's live information. (Adding a Schedule of YUNAH)

メンバーのライブスケジュールを更新しました!本日はYO-HEIさんが町田 The Play Houseで御剣-Mitsurugi-さんのライブです!

【KUZYAKU member's live schedule "May→September"】


2016.6.19(Sun) 町田 The Play House 【御剣-Mitsurugi-】YO-HEI

2016.6.25(Sut) 湘南Tサイト (TSUTAYA特設会場)【THE SURF COASTERS(support)】Naotaka


2016.7.2(Sut)町田PLAYHOUSE 【御剣-Mitsurugi-】YO-HEI 

2016.7.9(Sut)高円寺Club ROOTS! 【KUZYAKU】KUZYAKU

2016.7.14(Thu)高円寺Club ROOTS! 【YUNAH SOLO】YUNAH(Adding a Schedule of YUNAH)

2016.7.10(Sun)恵比寿club aim 【御剣-Mitsurugi-】YO-HEI

2016.7.18(Mon)目黒LIVE STATION 【御剣-Mitsurugi-】YO-HEI


2016.9.2(Fri)(東京) 豊洲PIT 【GEMINIDS(YUNAH only)】YUNAH

【KUZYAKU release schedule "June→July"】


2016.6.29(Wed) 3rd single "Kiss Kiss Kiss"release


2016.7.5(Tue) 4th&5th single "Kakusei"&"Red Cream"release

■YUNAH Official Web Site: "http://www.yunah.net/"

■GEMINIDS Official Web Site: "http://www.geminids666.com/"

■御剣-Mitsurugi- Official Web Site:"http://mitsurugi.net/"

■THE SURF COASTERS Official Web Site:"http://surfcoasters.com/"

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