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20th anniversary day of YUNAH!!

Today is the debut 20th anniversary day of YUNAH!

He debuted as “LAZY KNACK”, which was a vocal unit and was produced by Daisuke Asakura in 1995. 1st single CD『CRYSTAL GAME』release on 11/1/1995. They got the 16th place in the Japan CD ranking.

His voice,good mind,songs,words, He have all,and It's the best for KUZYAKU.

Congratulations to YUNAH and his family and his all fans.

His new twin vocal unit will start in December!

New twin vocal unit&KUZYAKU!!,2016 of YUNAH becomes very busy.

We are excited about to our music future.

KUZYAKU YO-HEI,Naotaka&staff

写真提供:YUNAH official


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